CAMS 475GEAR 99-06 TC

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CAMS 475GEAR 99-06 TC GEAR DRIVE CAM KITS FOR TWIN CAM GEAR DRIVE CAM KITS FOR TWIN CAM Camshaft gear drive kits increase valve timing accuracy by eliminating timing chain lash and loosely-fit stock chain drive Reverses the rear cam's direction of rotation, providing additional operating clearance between cam lobes; as a result, higher cam lifts are possible with the gear drive kit Kits include cams, inner gears, outer drive gears, inner and outer bearings, gasket and instructions Material must be removed from the inner surface of the stock gear cover to install S&S gear drive cams A hydraulic press and other professional-level tools are required to install these kits S&S recommends that adjustable pushrod/cover kit PART #0928-0017 be used Cam bearings and gaskets must be replaced when installing new cams Cams are also available with inner gears only; intended for cam replacement for motors that have already been converted to an S&S gear-drive system Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Kits require high-performance valve springs (except 509G and 510G) when installed in 99-04 models. NOTE: Installer must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance and valve-to-piston clearance. NOTE: Due to the inherent characteristics of gear drives, you may experience more valve train noise. CHAIN DRIVE CAM KITS FOR TWIN CAMCams for 00-06 Twin Cam are for use with stock splined drive gears; for installation on 99 Twin Cam motors you must purchase splined outer drive sprocket; S&S recommends that Andrews 4340 steel drive sprocket PART #DS-199175 be used Cams for 06 Dyna and 07-17 Twin Cam are for use with models with hydraulic tensioner chain-drive system; cams 510C and 551C are bolt-in applications, all others require high-lift valve springs Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Installer must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance and valve-to-piston clearance. HP103 SERIES GRIND CAMS Bolt-in cam for 103" and 106" Big Bore Twin Cam motors Use with stock heads (up to 10.2 compression) and low restriction intake and exhaust Great for lighter bikes with strong power from 3500-6000 rpm MR103 CAMS

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