CAM 450 48-69 BT

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CAM 450 48-69 BT S&S CAMS S&S CAMS S&S Cams are tested on the dyno, street and track before being offered to the public With hundreds of hours of testing on each cam, you know you are getting the best cam S&S can produce Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Installer must check coil bind, valve-to-valve clearance, valve-to-piston clearance and cam lobe to case clearance. 450S CAM For lower compression motors up to 88" with compression up to 8.5:1 Good low and mid-range torque Recommend hydraulic lifters 508 CAM S&S' best bolt-in cam Works well in all size motors up to 10:1 compression Quiet valve train Provides best power in low to mid-range 510 CAMS&S' best bolt-in cam Ideal for engines to 96" up to 10:1 compression No spring spacing required Works with stock pushrods, springs and hydraulic tappets 514 CAM For lower compression 84" to 93" motors, not more than 9:1 Best response from 2500 to 5000 rpm Recommend solid or performance aftermarket hydraulic lifters 560S CAM

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