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CASE ENG 4" SA 84-99NAT SPECIAL APPLICATION CRANKCASE SPECIAL APPLICATION CRANKCASE Cam chest is moved outward .250" to allow crankcases to handle large cylinder bore sizes Relocated cam chest oil pick-up increases gear case scavenging and virtually eliminates oil carry-over at sustained high rpm Machined to accept the stock oil filter assembly used on 92-99 Big Twins A ported breather passageway and a machined breather window allows the air/oil mist to flow from the flywheel cavity to the cam chest of the engine with the least possible restriction Crankcase venting can be achieved via two crankcase breathers, the cylinder heads, or both; S&S recommends using both crankcase breathers in engines larger than 95" Clearanced for strokes as long as 5" Machined for installation of a crank position sensor which allows the cases to be used in EFI applications and also allows easy installation of S&S IST Ignition and VFI Fuel Injection; a plug kit is included for applications that do not use a crank position sensor

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