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93" HOT SETUP KIT 73-77BT 93" HOT SET-UP KITS 93" HOT SET-UP KITS Kits come with 4.500" stroker flywheels assembled with mainshafts and rods, 3.625" bore cylinders, pistons, rings, pins and clips, S&S 514 cam, S&S Super E carb kit, valve springs, adjustable chromoly pushrods, top pushrod tube clips, top motor mount and installation instructions Use stock heads, cases, tappets and pinion gears Bearings and seals are not included; must be purchased separately For replacement pistons and rings, see page ??? Made in the U.S.A. NOTE: Require motor cases to be bored to accept 3.625" cylinders. NOTE: This project requires a skilled technician. It is the responsibility of the person assembling the parts to check all clearances and assembly specifications.

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